Thursday, 1 March 2018

DISCOVER - Searching for articles in which the research has been conducted in the UK/GB, without the geography limiter

We're currently without the option to limit DISCOVER search results by location, which has been causing some problems. However, it is still possible to focus your results on UK/GB research with some clever searching.

If you want to restrict a search on DISCOVER to articles centred around United Kingdom or Great Britain you will need to choose the Advanced Search option on DISCOVER:

From within the Advanced Search, type in your keywords and in the box below type United Kingdom OR Great Britain (“OR” needs to be in capitals).

Select SU Subject Terms from the second box drop down menu to ensure that DISCOVER looks for these terms as a subject, ie research centred in this geographical locality

You should then retrieve any research whereby the article research has been centred around the United Kingdom or Great Britain. This will be indicated in the Subjects field of the results:

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